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Haven page design

I'm Tabitha, the design nerd behind Haven Page Design. 


Named after my dogs, because most things I do revolve around my dogs, Haven Page Design is a small, personal design studio in San Diego, California. In a nutshell, I love what I do. No, really…LOVE. I’ve dreamed of using art to make a difference my whole life + I am living the dream.


Beyond my passion for design, I am a weird kid that really loves life! I am a happy, motivated, fun person that is looking to share creativity + continue to grow as a person as well as an artist. I’m an odd mix of punk rock + hippy. John Lennon, Kurt Vonnegut + Steve Martin are my heroes… I hate negativity + love pit bulls. I adore my friends + husband as much as, okay, slightly more than, I admire a well-kerned layout. Nothing strikes my fancy quite like a bold, clever logo, or enrages me more than unnecessary use of Photoshop filters, gradients, or misspelled copy. But, hey, that’s just me.


I love people + most importantly love solving problems with graphic solutions for passionate people.


Let me be your visual voice.

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